About SD Public School Rajpura

SD Public School, Rajpura exhibits an infrastructure that is truly impressive. Windows wide to allow for ample amount of cross ventilation and furniture that encourages students to hold a good posture, are some of the many elements that facilitate a healthy learning environment for the students. The faculty is highly experienced and pride in their want to enlighten students on a daily basis. Other than the well-structured classrooms, the establishment holds multiple activity spaces under its roof. There is constant encouragement to engage in physical activities so as to help the students gain an all-round enhancement.

Standing apart from the rest is SD Public School,  with its well defined morals and teachings. The school stands on a strong foundation that has been built from high standard values and immense respect for another. Along with the academics that it pays great attention to, it inculcates in its students the understanding of how to deal with various life situations too. The school is well recognized in the educational sector and across for a large number of the students. Owning a chief location in the place, the establishment is convenient which a major landmark in the vicinity is also. The neighborhood is well connected and for students who travel on their own, transport to various parts of the city is easily available.

Why SD Public School

Teacher Development + Parent's Connect

Our teacher development programmes sensitize our teachers to the needs of the child by imparting newer approaches to teaching and subject matter delivery. Our orientations for parents are designed to help them become better parents through a deeper understanding of a child’s needs.

Digital Classrooms

Every classroom is a digital classroom, bringing alive the concepts being learnt through the use of technology.

Creating Custom Curriculum

Our team of experienced educators combines their knowledge with the current learning expectations to create learning modules and exercises that engage and educate.


Classroom-based labs for Language, Math and Science for junior school. STEM Lab, Well-equipped Science and Computer Lab for Secondary school where students can test concepts and validate their understanding in real time.

Library & Fine Arts Studio

Stores books on almost all subjects relevant for students and subscribes to more than 20 magazines and all major news papers. Music, Arts & Dance sessions are conducted as a part of everyday learning activity at SD School to instill a sense of creativity and develop cognitive abilities.

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